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What was your favorite part?

You know how Dora the Explorer asks at the end: what was your favorite part of the trip?

Today is the first day of Summer vacation. School is off and we can dedicate all day to being idle. You know us, we are masters of doing nothing. If we are not busy doing nothing at the beach you can find us at the farm. I usually ride on Mondays, so Little J had to take the rains today and do my job.

This was the conversation we had at dinner after we spend four hours on the farm:

Daddy: How was your day?

Little J: Good.

Daddy: What did you do?

Little J: We went to the farm.

Daddy: What did you do there?

Little J: Play.

Daddy: Did you ride?

Little J: Yes, only a little bit.

Daddy: What did you see?

Little J: Lots of stinging nettles. I was OK, because Vizon is very high. Also I wore long sleeves and long pants and boots too. I always know that.

Daddy: That’s good.

Me: Did we see anybody or do anything new?

Little J: I don’t remember. Oh, we saw the big dump truck.

Daddy: What was the big dump truck doing at the farm?

Little J: Two man brought lots of hay. But they cannot dump it. Because hay is tied in bales with rope and will brake. So one man was throwing it and another was stacking it up high, like I do Lego.

Daddy: That’s cool.

Little J: Yes. They had a tall ladder. We need a tall ladder daddy. When are we going to Home Depot to get one?

Daddy: Soon. Mommy said you did something special?

Little J: What was special?

Me: You played with colts?!

Little J: Yes, but they did not want to eat the carrot. They are still young and drink milk from their mommy. From her belly.

Daddy: So what was your favorite part of the day?

Little J: Playing with Buzz Ligthyear.

And then my lovely son talked for a very long time about Buzz and Woody and all the things he did with them.

So please, take it from me. Forget about fancy summer activities. Just get a plastic BUZZ LIGHTYEAR Toy Story 3 Posable Action Figure from Amazon and you are all set. I just saved you a bunch of money. You are welcome.


Since my son did not seem to appreciate our day out let me share some of my favorite moments. And although you cannot see it, Buzz was in his backpack, so I guess he had a good day at the farm too.


We saw deer.


Rode on the trail.


Then around the farm.






Made new friends.

Buzz crossing water

And helped Buzz cross the ocean.

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