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Wacky Thursday

Big day for me today. You will never guess what happened.

Well firstly my son went to preschool wearing my J Lo hat. Because it is wacky week. And that hat is, frankly, beyond wacky. I have no idea why I got it all those years ago.Or why I kept it. But what matters is he thinks it is cool and calls it his cowboy hat. Don’t have the heart to tell him otherwise. I even brought out an Aussie bush hat and a real cowboy hat for him to wear. He tried them on and said they are not like a cowboy hat at all. Mrs. Ada said he never took it off, not even on the field trip to the park. It covers his face, so I doubt anyone recognised him. I hope.

Wacky Hat

Wacky week is the last week of school. My son has finished his first year of Pre-K. If you do the math you will realise he is three and a half years old. This is important. And it brings me to the big reveal.

I split a babysitter tonight and went golfing with a friend. No, I did not cut the sitter in half, we split the cost. My friend V found a great young girl to come over to her house and watch our kids for an hour, before Husbands return from work. My son’s age taken into consideration, I assume you are as shocked about me leaving him with someone for the first time as you are trying to picture me playing golf.

There have been a few occasions I ditched the kid. Once I went to the theater and let my cousin watch TV while my son slept upstairs. Another time grandpa and Little J enjoyed some dude time while us ladies went to see a ballet. The few formal functions I could not wiggle out of, my neighbor or ¬†Little J’s grandma helped out by putting him to bed for me. And recently we went out on a date while Little J went to an evening party organized by his school.

Sadly, as you can see, I can count these with my fingers. And not once have I paid a babysitter to help me out. I have no trust issues. Suppose I just never really have anywhere to go. Until today. And that is very wacky indeed.

Photo 41

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