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Monday Listicles

This weeks top ten comes from Jessica at My time as mom. She is my daily read and twitter pal. Check out her blog to see why. If you would like to follow her lead and be my featured list maker, HERE is how.


10 reasons why I almost stayed in Denver, Colorado

where I vacationed without my kids for 4 days

1. Walked down the street without having to hold, push, or keep track of children.

2. Used both hands to eat my meal without it being cold.

3. Slept all night without being kicked or scratched by a toddler.

4. Car doors were opened for me (by valet and my husband).

5. I didn’t have to cook, clean, or make the bed.

6. Watched a whole movie without having to press pause.

7. There were no tears when I wanted to use my iPhone or iPad.

8. I was able to read – books and magazines. With no interruptions.

9. No demands for snack, juice, or potty.

10.It was quiet.

But, I came home.

Because I love my bratty little kids and I know I would have missed them.







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