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While you were away

When I came home on Saturday evening after going away for two days, my Husband gave me full report:

Everything went well Hun. I only had to discipline the kid once, the girls from work loved him at the Relay for life, dog refuses to eat. I have to tell you this: I GOT THE NINJA SKILL ACHIEVEMENT. You look nice.

I am well aware of the difference between men and women. My Husband likes to summarize to be time efficient. Luckily, I know him so well. Surely this is what he meant:

Hun you are amazing. I don’t know how you do this every day. As much as it must be rewarding, I now see what hard work it all is. Our son was quiet and withdrawn since the moment you left. All he could talk about was how much he misses you. I finally put him in a timeout, so he could compose himself in time for us to attend the charity event I feel so strongly about. The girls from work were there too, because my passion for this fun run was so contagious. Our son did not like them at all and told me you are so much prettier. I agreed! But because you teach him everyday to be polite and use his manners; and what a wonderful job you do; he did his best not to show it. I think I might have overexercised the dog and he is too fatigued to eat. Or perhaps he is refusing to eat until you return. Him and our son are so alike. Did I tell you how much we all missed you? I was so bored without your charming company, I killed time playing Xbox all night. I would have much rather sit with you on the couch, staring in your beautiful eyes and talk about our future and the diamonds I plan on buying you. Instead I killed some bad guys online and got a NINJA SKILL achievement. I am so glad you don’t like to play video games. Because everything you decide to do, you do so much better then me. Surely you would have gotten a quadruple Ninja skill in the first hour. I am a lucky man. You are the most stunning woman in the galaxy.

Oh and Hun, I knew you would be really mad if I touched or moved anything. SO EVERYTHING IS JUST THE WAY IT WAS WHEN YOU LEFT. Including the dishes. You are welcome.


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