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Monday Listicles

This week I am back, fresh from the Bloggy boot camp. It was a great event, fun to attend and easy to follow. I actually managed to stay focused enough to learn a lot. It is only fitting I share everything with you in my weekly listicle. Believe it or not, having a top ten list is being recommended by the SITS girls today. They must have gotten this fabulous idea while worshiping my blog and my weekly feature. And if those ladies say it is hip, cool and so today I simply cannot understand why you would not sit down and write a list of your own, ship it to me and let me post it for you in weeks to come. Since I am still on the high and encouraged to be extra blog sphere friendly, I will even let you do it in pictures or vlog form. Hey, you can even send it to me as a karaoke. For more details on how to be my guest, click HERE.






1) In order to fit everything you will need with you for the day, one is forced to clear out one’s handbag. In process one might find last year’s receipt from the gas station and be able to talk educated on how our economy is struggling and oil prices have increased 30% in twelve months.

2) One will also need to dedicate unreasonably large amount of time choosing an outfit. Because one’s mind will be preoccupied, one’s child will not be micro managed and will in return have to learn to dress and feed himself. Also fight wild coyotes and balance mother’s checkbook for a week.

3) Because one will be away all day, one’s Husband and child will spend quality time together, reconnect over mutual love of video games and develop a strong bond never to be broken.

4) At the conference one will meet women one has been stalking for months. One will realise these women are even prettier and funnier in person. If this is hard to accept, one is always given the opportunity to attend a cocktail party and take pictures of these beautiful and talented women drinking.

5) During the conference one will learn many things that are easy to implement in both life and blogging. One will be inspired to do better, write better, market better, live better. Also, one will be given cookies. Chocolate, peanut butter and raisin ones.

6) There will be scrumptious lunch to help one stay focused for the afternoon sessions. This being conference by women, for women, there will be a large dessert. Cheesecake!

7) As you can imagine, there is a lot of laughter at these conferences. Which burns calories and has wonderful effect on one’s health.

8 ) To wrap up the conference there will be wine flowing and swag bags. Also gadgets one might win. For no reason other then being a blogger.

9) Last but not least, there will a photo opportunity with all the famous bloggers, red carpet style. One will feel like a major celebrity. As one should.

10) The best thing about going to a conference will be returning home and stealing a kiss from one’s sleeping child. Who will look like an angel and smell even better then you remembered.

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