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Memorial day

Small town USA, Memorial Day 2011


Today we celebrate Memorial day. In the past few days I have heard Happy Memorial day one too many times.

Memorial day is a day we remember those who have given their lives for our freedom. My friend’s husband and my husband’s friends. Our neighbor and maybe your neighbor too. Probably some of your ancestors. Or a childhood sweetheart. If you are one of the few fortunate, it might just be that young girl who’s picture you saw on CNN.

Regardless of our political beliefs we should also take a moment to appreciate those who wake up every morning knowing they might be called upon to defend our freedom. Regardless of our faith and nationality we should all remember how precious freedom is and what we can do to secure our children never know different.

Please take a moment today to be grateful. Tell your children about the hardships our grandparents endured during World Wars. Tell them how intolerance breads hate. Tell them the truth about bravery, about responsibilities and what they can do for this world. So that their fathers never raise arms against each other again.

May your Memorial day be quiet. So you can remember why we celebrate it and enjoy this day of freedom today and everyday.

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