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Monday Listicles

Today’s list is by a man that loves to cook. So much so he is doing a cooking challenge, following Peter Sidwell’s book and posting about it on his Facebook blog. Please show some love; visit and like his Project. I am sure his wife will love you back for it!

If you would like your list to be featured click HERE. As you can see, listicles are not just for girls.

Cooking Fantastic

(Top 10 reasons why I cook for my family)

1.       I love to cook

2.       I like making my family happy

3.       I’m result oriented (cooking gives me quick result)

4.       I’m good at following directions (producing a good meal reconfirms


5.       The cook gets to pick the music that’s being listened to

6.       The cook gets to pick the wine (so as to pair it with the meal)

7.       I love wine

8.       It’s a great segue from work to family time

9.       I like to plan and execute (collating the weekly meal recipes, shopping

for the ingredients, and cooking  the meal is extremely satisfying)

10.   I like to eat

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