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Perfectly imperfect

Once you accept the fact that you’re not perfect, then you develop some confidence.

~Rosalynn Carter~


Few days ago we had a perfect day at the beach. Took some perfect pictures. Came home. Downloaded them. Sat down to enjoy them. Only to realize a drop from the ocean landed on my lens and was a feature on each and every photo I took. It makes a pebble look like a cloud. My son look like he has a smudge. Dogs look like they had a leg erased. It is so me.

I have long stopped worrying about my shortcomings. There are many and they seem to multiply with years. They make me quirky and cute to those who love me and terribly annoying to those who don’t. Sure there are times I wish to be perfect. When I meet my husband’s friends for the first time. When I ride. When I discipline my son. When I write comments on Marinka’s blog. But it is never going to happen. And if it did, my husband would look less perfect himself, my horse would be bored, my son would have no one to blame for his imperfections one day. And Marinka, well for that I have no excuse, there is such thing as spell check and nobody is preventing me from using it.

Tomorrow I will share with you our day at the beach. You will see the water splash on the pictures. You will know it is my fault. Take it as my signature. Love them for their content. For their subjects. For the story they tell. For the life that is ours. Perfected by mistakes.




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