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One dog, two dogs

My neighbor, Mrs. A packed up her brood and left town. She took her husband, but left the dog behind.

So we are welcoming Isaac in our back yard for a week. As you can see we are wonderful hosts, only the best is good enough. As our guest you will mostly be left alone. We encourage napping and sleeping. There is fresh water readily available and after dinner bones for dessert. During the day either me or Little J will fall for big brown puppy eyes and sneak out treats to you. If so inclined, you may participate in activities such as chasing bunnies or cats that cross the yard. The tabby one from three houses down might even engage in a fight if she is having a bad hunt day. We turn a blind eye if you miss the tree when peeing, so relax. Anything you need, we are just a bark away. But please, only bark once or the man in black from the bungalow behind will call the animal control. If we get fined, it we will be deducted from your cookie budget.

As you can see Mr. J is sitting on a plane wishing Mrs. A took the dog instead of him. Who wouldn’t want to stay in our back yard?

But apparently grass is always greener on the other side. While Little J and I were playing hopscotch earlier today, we lost both Big M and his guest. Lucky for us Isaac is ten years old and cannot walk far.

We spotted him under our next door neighbors RV.

My son set out to find our dog next.


Sure enough he was behind the other tyre. It would have been rude to disturb their rest, so we went back to what we were doing.

As for my final thought of the day: WHAT IS BETTER THEN A NEWFIE? TWO NEWFIES. Or more; just ask Debra, she has a farm full of them!

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