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She made me write a poem

This poem I wrote for the one and only:

Mama’s Losin’ It

Writing prompt 3.) Write a poem about the last person you spoke to on the phone, based on the conversation you had.

There were two problems with this post: I have never written a poem and I never, ever talk on the phone. Sorry, there is a third one: Mama Kat will want it any minute now.

So I need to do this in a hurry. Lucky for me, I spoke to someone on the phone earlier today. I had no choice.

No Title Free Verse

The phone rang, I ignored.
Then I remembered it could be you.
Your voice so deep, kind and true.
You said ‘hello, I don’t know what to do’.
My husband was vague,
he never specifically said
if you should change everything or minimal due.
I tried to sound cleaver and funny too,
but I don’t know that much about plugs,
oil, engines or glue.
Did you say glue?
I hope not, no glue!
If you were glueing my car,
I would stick to it and my son too.
But then I remembered all this was my man’s fault,
you should call him I said,
he will know what to do,
mostly based of the estimate thrown back at you.
All I know is I want my car back ASAP,
nice, clean and shiny,
call me back by three!

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