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Guess what I won

It was bound to happen. I got hit with one of those chain reactions. But since it comes with an award, I’ll take it. Not to mention, I was number one. Chosen by a very stylish Mom In Rome. Could be hormonal due to her very pregnant state, lack of reason caused by nail polish vapor or vertigo from always wearing high heels, but she said I am an award winning author and that is serious!


I needed some time to treat myself to something pretty celebrate. It was not easy to decide if  Cole Hann, Furla or Botkier designer handbags would best represent my stylishness. And of course I could not ask my husband, since he is still recovering from my last purchase.

But I am back to fulfill my duty as a stylish blogger. Because with a tittle come responsibilities: just ask Miss Universe! Here is what I need to do:

N.1  I have to tell you seven random things about me ( I like talking so that should be easy)

N.2  I have to give the award to five new bloggers ( I cannot make decisions, not even what to eat for a snack. So I will let my dog Big M weigh in)


Let talk about me first:

Bet you did not know I am a natural blond.

Bet you did not know I enjoy doing complex math problems.

Bet you did not know I can do a triple pirouette.

Bet you did not know I am an oenophile.

Bet you did not know I used to be an alien.

Bet you did not know I can sing beautifully.

Bet you knew only one of the above is true.



And now for the big reveal ( this is in no particular order, but my favorite is the one that comments on my  blog the most. Or the one that makes the best cup of tea. Or maybe the other one. Honestly, this is so hard)

Jenni, sweet  Jenni at her Stolen Moments .

Mahin, inspiring  Mahin at Queen Mahin .

Alison, cheeky Alison at Mama Wants This .

Angela, one of a kind Angela at Begging The Answer .

Heather, can’t catch me Heather at  Minivan Momma .

So there you have it. Check out the bloggers I find stylish. And by stylish I mean really good reads. Cause I don’t know what kind of shoes they wear…

What? Which one of my 7 is true? Well what do you think?

P.S. Breaking news: I have been informed guests wear evening dresses to the award ceremony. I might have to call in sick.

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