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Monday listicle

This week the listicle comes from Alison. She is currently hosting Lovelinks, due to her victorious top ten list about Twitter. I am honored she wrote one for us too. Should you wish to share the fame and your list, click HERE.
Alison is a stay-at-home mom of a 16 month old toddler, who blogs to fill her limited time, and to save herself from going insane. Her writing spans subjects such as motherhood, such as this post where she talks about a toddler meltdown, she frequently talks about her son Monkey, and she has even written about how Twitter has ruined her life! She even dabbles in a little fiction, such as this post prompted by red writing hood at The Red Dress Club. Do check out her blog, Mama Wants This, like her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter.”


You’ve heard about the terrible twos I’m sure. Probably even lived them. I have come to believe that toddlers are armed with a manual on how to drive their mothers crazy. And this the the top 10 ways they do so.

10 Ways to Drive Your Mother Crazy

  • 1. Always pee on the floor AS SOON AS your mother removes your diaper. Not before, not after. The moment you’re naked, DO IT.

  • 2. Food is for throwing and smearing everywhere. Bonus points if you manage to get food into hard-to-clean places.

  • 3. Mom’s phone is your phone. Especially when it rings and it’s for your Mom. Don’t give it to her.

  • 4. Do really awesome things like walk or run, but as soon as Mom pulls out the camera, drop to all fours. This way, she will NEVER get a good shot of you walking or running.

  • 5. Stay up during nap times. No matter what your Mom does, don’t sleep. It will drive her nuts.

  • 6. When in public, throw a tantrum. Make sure it lasts at least 2 minutes for full effect.

  • 7. High chairs are a good place to practice climbing. It usually scares the hell out of your Moms.

  • 8. Do not co-operate when Mom takes you to the doctor, even if it’s just a regular check up. Refuse to get weighed or measured. For bonus points, scream every time the doctor tries to touch you.

  • 9. Watch Elmo. All day. Kick up a fuss if Mom tries to change the channel.

  • 10. When Daddy comes home, be a good boy/ girl. Behave perfectly. Coo to your Dad. Smile, laugh, be an angel. And watch Mom’s face. It’s a riot!



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