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Coming clean

I have kept this a secret long enough. It is time to share the truth with the world. I am an owner of a Newfoundland that doesn’t swim.

First lets make sure we are all on the same page. Big M is a purebred Newfoundland. Just like St Bernards are famous for rescuing stranded from avalanches, Newfies are renown for water rescue. They are powerful swimmers and naturally drawn to water. And they are one of few breeds with webbed feet. It is common for Newfie owners to form rescue clubs and get together on lakes, training their dogs to assist drowning people to shore. We had dreams of ours being famous one day for doing something like this:


It is not that he cannot swim. On few rare occasions when the water became too deep we have seen him swim. Even cought it on tape. But he generally refuses to go anything higher then belly deep. Need proof?


The kicker about all this is that he is in the water all the time, looking for something and dunking his head to retrieve it. Nobody knows what. Is it fish, is it pirate treasure? Maybe a rock we foolishly threw in there last year in hope he will swim? Perhaps dinosaur remains? Or his courage?

On 13th of May my lovely, stinky and perpetually wet dog turns four. I am starting to think we will never know why he doesn’t swim. We will never see him jump of a helicopter into stardom. But something tells me he would pull Little J out of any trouble in a heart beat. Even from the ocean.

Happy Birthday Big M! We love you.

PS: We are getting you swimming lesson as a gift.

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Scent of a man

Today’s post was inspired by

Mama’s Losin’ It

writing prompt number 2: Describe a trait that attracted you to your significant other, but that now drives you a little crazy.

I walked into a cloud of toilet water  ( OK, Eau de toillete) this morning. It is not easy holding your breath while brushing teeth. I made a mental note of how annoyed I am with Husband. So you can read all about it in this post. But that sounds kind of silly. My Husband smells nice, feel sorry for me?!

It is so much bigger then that. When I met my future Husband he was perfect. The way he looks, sounds, his wit, his kindness, his manners. I had no reason not to marry him, not one.

The worst thing about all this is he has not changed. He still looks the same, he still makes me laugh, he takes great care of us and makes my life easy. Where am I going with this? Well that’s what drives me a little more then crazy.

Women are born to nag. I was born to nag. I want him to make mistakes. So I can fulfill my duty as a woman and make his life a little bitter. Not all the time, but sometimes it would be great to pick on him, poke at his shortcomings, complain about him to my friends. And to you of course.

But I got nothing. I try. There was the ring incident. Since then he has not been seen without. He even bought me a keyboard for my new iPad. And yesterday I told you about my nightstand, but that has been rectified. Other then that, I have not found anything significant to complain about.

You are reading this thinking, I want him. You are feeling jealous. You are deleting subscription to my blog. After all I am a spoiled, ungrateful wife. I accept that. But imagine never ever being able to tell your husband to do better, to try harder. Imagine going through years of no nagging.

See, my husband would drive you a little crazy too.


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