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Can we fix it?

We have been home owners for a year now.

My husband, like most men, spends a lot of his free time on planning and executing home improvement projects. He has dedicated rather large amount of time and money towards choosing the right tools. It started with a shelf in the garage slowly filling up with power tools. They now take up most of the storage space in there. We are proud owners of variety of hammers, screwdrivers and monkey wrenches (so far I might still be talking about alcoholic drinks) and two drills. As if all this hardware isn’t enough, my son owns everything his Daddy has, in toy version.

Last week the nightstand on my side of the bed mysteriously collapsed. Both husband and Little J were quick to confirm it was like that when they woke up. Which makes me think they know what happened to it. But as long as they were going to fix it, I was keeping my mouth shut.

They put their heads and tools together. And this is what they came up with:

They said it was temporary. A week ago. Lucky for me, I am too busy to catch up on my National Geographic reading.

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