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Monday Listicle

I have missed making a list, so I am contributing one this week. Next week’s comes from Alison, so make sure you return. If you would like to have YOUR list featured, click here.



  • 1) Somebody at my table choosing kiwi fruit from dessert table at a formal dinner. Then eating without peeling it.
  • (Muscat, summer 2003)


  • 2) Tourists buying and eating deep fried cockroaches from a street vendor. No, they were not contestants on Amazing race.
  • (Bangkok, on several occasions)


  • 3) My son sitting  in a nice restaurant quietly, eating dinner. Then asking for more tofu.
  • (Ozu, London 2009)


  • 4) Being offered a welcome drink of half fresh cows milk half fresh cows blood by Maasai women. Then drinking it all.
  • (somewhere in Kenya, 1998)


  • 5) My son requesting blue cheese for dessert. Then eating it all.
  • (every single day in the past year)


  • 6) Ordering pancakes in IHOP for the first time. Portion that size would feed breakfast to all my extended family in Motherland.
  • (somewhere on I95, 2006)


  • 7) Watching Man Vs Food with my Husband. Who gets hungry seeing that show and makes himself a snack. Gross.
  • (one wasted evening in January I will never get back)


  • 8 ) My grandmother throwing some food away.
  • (sometime in my childhood, it was an isolated incident)


  • 9) Man making me black beans and rice from a can on a date, assuring me it is a delicacy. Then marrying him next year anyway.
  • (His bachelor pad, 2005)


  • 10) Little J’s dislike of macaroni&cheese and pizza. Which kid doesn’t like those?!
  • (at home, cause for us never cooking comfort food in 2009,2010,2011)


How about you? Care to share you weird food encounters?

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