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Take care

I got a phone call while we were on the beach, trying to catch a glimpse of a gray whale.

It was the women’s clinic at the hospital, reminding me I have not scheduled my yearly check up. She was willing to book me there and then, but I said I will call her back when I return home and check my planner. That was first week of March. I know for sure, because it was the week whales began returning to our waters.

I still have not called her back.

I had two fillings replaced earlier this year. Since we were new to this area, I got to choose a dentist. His office is fancy and he likes X-rays; a lot. After his pretty assistant took enough shots of my teeth to identify me by CSI, he announced they were all bad. He blamed it on being European. None of them hurt, they were nice and white and all still mine. So he suggested I pop a lot of crowns on them to go with my new citizenship. I felt I needed to integrate, so I foolishly let him drill. Now my whole left side is unbarebly  sensitive. He told me to schedule another appointment to fix it, free of charge. That was last week of January. I know, cause I had an appointment on my Birthday.

I still have not called  him back.

A few weeks ago I had a hair appointment. It got cancelled and they were going to find a new date for me. I told her I am out at the moment and will call back. I had to ask my Husband which Saturday next month he is home. Today is the 6th day of that ‘next month’.

I still have not called them back.

Now I am not afraid of doctors or dentists. And I am certainly not apposed to somebody making my hair look pretty. Latter is a vanity, but the first two should be priority. I am also never late on anything to do with my son, my dog or my horse. Husband is good at taking care of himself, but even so, I still keep track.

So why are women notoriously bad at taking care of ourselves? I truly don’t know. But we are. And since today I have publically shamed my self and addmited procrastination of the worst kind I have no choice but to get off my lazy behind and make those appointments. Yes, in reverse order. Hair first!




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