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Kids talk, a lot, about everything

Driving home after picking Little J up from Preschool:

Me: How was school today?

Little J: Good. But I got a time out.

Me: Why?

Little J: I knocked down a cup. And then I got a time out because I did not stay in time out.

Me: Anything else?

Little J: Di said to me she never  pick up candy after it rolls on the floor. Mrs. Ada said it is yucky. I never eat candy anyway. I don’t know why we talk about this. Maybe because it is letter Y this week.

Me: Did you play with anyone?

Little J: No. I told Chris when we were going outside, we bought him Transformer for his birthday yesterday. I said it is medium size and if you press button it makes lots of loud noise. He asked me which one, but I forgot.

Me: That was suppose to be a surprise. Now he knows what he is getting.

Little J: You did not tell me it is surprise.

Me: So what did he say?

Little J: Thank you.

Me: I don’t know which Transformer we got him, so how would you know?

Little J: I know everything about them. They are made out of metal and can transform into anything. My son starts humming Transformers tune.

Me: And what was for snack?

Little J: Cereal. Again. But no milk. Again. I don’t think Mrs. Ada has milk.

Me: Did you make anything?

Little J: Just collar for doggie. But I told Mrs. Ada it is too small for mine. She put Maxy on it. I tell her my dog has four collars at home. It is just pretend.

Me: I see.

Little J: Mama tomorrow is Wednesday?

Me: Yes.

Little J: Good. I wanna go to the beach and then ride Vizon after I play with T and then we go see C. Maybe we can have cereal for breakfast. With milk.





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