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A day in a life of a dog

In case you have been feeling pretty great today and all is going well, take a moment and read on.

This was my dog’s schedule for today. It is more or less the same everyday:

Big M sleeps outside by request. As we head off to bed in the evening, he goes out the back and sprawls on the porch.

Around 8AM we have our traditional search for Big M. His location is anybody’s guess. He tends to jump the fence sometime during the night and relocates to the front porch. Some mornings he joins neighborhood kids on the corner waiting for the school bus. Other times he might be sleeping on the driveway or the sidewalk. Rarely, he is still in the back yard.

Once found, Big M comes in, requires a scratch and a denta stick, drinks  lots of water  and slobbers on (preferably) Little J. And for all you thinking ‘poor doggie, he must be so thirsty’ -no need for him to be, there is a bowl on driveway, front and back porch; but I suppose he prefers room temperature.

After that he sits in front of garage door until he is let in. You see sleeping through the night takes a lot out of him, so a three hour morning nap in peace and quiet is a must.

We take him for a walk around 10AM to leave his daily mark on the neighborhood. This morning he refused, on a count of heavy rain. Perhaps we should consider hiring someone part time to carry an umbrella over him.

After we drop Little J at Preschool, Big M and I go to the farm. As we approach the barn, his welcoming committee runs excitingly behind my van and waits for us to park. All the farm dogs sit patiently while he pees on their flower beds and bushes, then they proceed to small talk( aka bum sniffing). At this point I usually loose sight of him. He follows to the barn once he is done catching up with Otis, Danny, Storm and Pickles. All the horses in their stalls salute him, some even greet him with a neigh and one stallion twirls like mad for good measure.

At the cross ties, his girlfriend Daisy Dolores is eager to see him. She is always in the mood for a good chase. Big M is rather famous for playing hard to get and leaves her hanging more often then not. But she never holds it against him and is always ready for round two. In case you were wondering, yes she is a champion pit bull, slim and fast, with a heart of gold that skips a beat every time Big M comes around.

Upon returning home my dog takes a long afternoon nap. If for any reason this is disrupted by another walk, he must sleep through dinner to recover. Speaking of dinner, we cook for him every single night. Meat. But no chicken or corn fed beef. Because friend, who comes to check on horses, said Big M has dry skin due to allergies caused by corn. So there.

Once he ate and had a treat he snores for hours by our feet, to make sure Husband and I are never left alone. He does however wait for Little J to retire, nobody would dare compete for affection with His Highness the prince. Occasionally, if he is still asleep as we go to bed, we leave him in hope he will for once stay in. Around 1AM he will come up, sit by my side of the bed, stare at me and breath heavily. I must disregard my need for rest and feel sorry for him being hot ad bothered. Naturally I wake up, go downstairs and let him out. And we are back to the beginning of the cycle.

As you can see, my dog has it good. It is fine to feel jealous, I do. Sure, he appreciates it, guards us and loves us. In return we tolerate his wet, stinky presence. Now if you excuse me, I have to go and brush him, it is that time of the week. It only takes me a couple of hours.







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