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Stand by me

This is a tale of my parents.

After I finished primary school with very good grades, my grandparents who brought me up, were eager for me to attend vocational high school. Their fear was they might not be around to see me through college, so I am best to learn a skill and a title early on. I was disappointed because all my friends were signing up for regular high school, but I respected their wishes and looked for a school that would interest me. In the old part of the town, among roman ruins stood art school that was older then the Constitution. They were accepting ten pupils for art degree and twenty for graphic design and photography each. Since it was the only high school in which you achieved art degree in the country the competition was fierce. After the initial selection only the pupils with highest academic scores were selected. Then the auditions followed.

I was nervous that morning. I held my portfolio tight and double checked I had everything they required us to bring along. We had to draw twelve rectangles and then use our temperas to mix ten different shades of gray in sequence and apply them neatly between the white and the black one. Easy enough.

A few weeks later we received the results. I was not accepted. My Grandma was convinced it was a mistake. She demanded to speak to the dean. He invited her to view my work. She thought it was lovely and neat and insisted I am a great student and will be an asset to his program. He looked at her and said: “Madam, I tried to be as polite as I can. Your child has no talent whatsoever. She might be an excellent student, but she doesn’t not belong in art. Sorry.”

My Grandma came home and told me I was too good for them. I went to regular high school. They made a new will just in case. The rest is history.

They always believed in me. Tomorrow’s post I dedicate to them.


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