Daily Archives: April 20, 2011

Put a ring on it

Scene from our bathroom this morning.

Husband: Michael will be coming soon. Better hurry getting ready.

Me: I am hurrying.

Husband: You look nice. Is that for Michael?

Me: No honey, for you. And in case I burn the house down and the fireman are called.

Husband: I remember when you were this excited about me. We used to talk a lot. About everything. Like buying an iPad. We should talk about these things more.

Me: You should wear your wedding band.

Husband: Marriage is not about a piece of jewelry. It’s about communication. Wish you told me before you bought the iPad.

Me: I would have, if you wore your ring. And I was going to make you a latte, but now I changed my mind.

Husband: Fine.

Me: Fine.

I made one latte for Michael and one for Husband. He dusted off his wedding band, wore it and kissed me good bye before going to work.

Marriage is strange. And by strange I mean wonderful.

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