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Daycare alternative

Couple of months ago I was caught in a rare situation.

Little J was in Preschool, dog was walked, horse had a day off and the weather was miserable. I suppose I could have found something to do at home, but that would be a huge waste of money we spend for my son’s education. I can clean anytime, but I only get to be alone three times a week.

I don’t care for shopping much, not unless it is for gadgets and online. There are no amazing restaurants in my town, so lunch was out of the question. My friends are all moms, so it seemed odd to visit them and play with their children without Little J. Too early in the day to go see a movie. If our tiny town cinema even works on weekdays. I thought about ways I used to kill time and remembered sitting with an awful gossip magazine and having my nails done used to be a weekly event.

The decision was made. I will have a pedicure. Maybe even squeeze in a manicure. It might be a tiny town but nail salons we have, in abundance. I walked into the first one. They looked bored enough to fight over who will make me pretty. Next thing I know, I am sitting in a massage chair with a promise of lovely toes. I got a choice of a few last year editions of gossip magazines. Since I am so out of touch, I started reading them. The TV was on. I cannot remember the last time I watched daytime TV. But two minutes into watching Deal or no deal, it was a no deal for me.

The ladies were talking in a foreign language, so no ears dropping could be done. Finally I decided to just sit and be. Maybe a little quiet is good for me. Just as I started thinking of nothing, a lady walked in and announced she needed new acrylic nails. And to my surprise she had a little girl around my son’s age with her. Unfortunately she was too young to have her nails done like mommy. In fact there was no reason for her to sit still. Like me, she could not relate to the magazines and was not a fan of game shows. But she did enjoy running around and screaming, a lot.

Feeling a little selfish for being annoyed by a child, I ignored it. Perhaps having only three toenails painted helped me deal with it too. But then it happened. Another lady walked in. With a boy my son’s age. Who shared little girls interest in running around and screaming, a lot.

Just as it could not get any worse another mom walked in with a boy who was five at least. He was walking behind his mother, quietly. They spoke the same language as the salon owner and were escorted to the room at the back. On the door it said WAXING. All I could think was, please let it be the her. Although keeping your mom company must be just as painful as having legs waxed yourself. And a reason enough to sit still at the age of five.

I put my shoes back on before the nail polish dried. Skipped the manicure. Left a tip too big. Vowed never to return.

When did nail salons turn into daycare?

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