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Afternoon in bed

Back in the day, childless and in love, we lived in an apartment overlooking the bay and Ritz Carlton.

Every Saturday was brunch day. We would wake up late, have tea and do nothing. I put a lot of thought into what i was wearing, my Husband always complimented me and looked rather dashing himself. We met up with our neighbors and walked over to the Ritz. Hours were spend with good food and great company. I was famous for tasting every dessert and we were never short of mimosas. When we returned home, we usually took a nap before heading up to the roof to sit by the pool and nap some more.

Fast forward five years. I was hit with one of those twelve hour bugs and barely slept. Boys let me stay in bed. Mostly as a quarantine, not  because they feel so sorry for me. This must be the first Saturday since I became a mom that I have not accomplished anything yet. It is early afternoon and I am in bed. Wearing pajamas with no appetite.

Maybe not quite the Ritz treatment, but I am once again in bed on Saturday afternoon. Might as well take a nap.

And don’t even think about asking if I ever miss those days. Because I don’t. Living them there and then brought me to The good life I have now. Period.

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