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I’ll huff and puff and blow your tree down

While Husband is away living it up in Vegas, Little J and I are spending like drunk sailors. On trees and bushes.

I was so excited to bring our Cedar home yesterday. Imagining us digging up the dead tree in the garden, sawing it into pieces, planting the new one. Creating memories and all. But when we got home the sky opened. Little J not wanting to help me in the back yard during a downpour seemed reasonable, so I send him to Mrs A across the road to play. So much for team work and family traditions.

But never one to give up I went ahead and planted the tree on my own. When I was done I send a picture to Husband. He is not easily impressed. But he gave me a rave review and two thumbs up. That made me very happy and gloat a little too.

Then this morning during his obligatory weather report my son looks out the window and spots the new tree. He said he does not like it and wants the old one back. I told him it is in pieces and in the green waste bin. He demanded I put it back together and send the new one off to become compost instead. Apart from being impossible, I don’t want too! We went back and forth for next half hour. I tried reasoning, explaining, pleading, intimidating with horror dead zombie tree stories.OK, maybe not the last one, but I did come up with a lot of good arguments on why the tree stays.

Little J had only one argument. He likes the old one better and that’s that. I finally walked out on this most absurd conversation of the week. He shattered my dreams of us gardening together, then took away the glory of me planting the tree. At the age of three.

So here is the picture of the old and the new tree. Please, please support me. Because I know Big M is with Little J on this one. Cedar is just so uncomfortable for him to cock up against. Dear Husband is away till Saturday and I hate being outnumbered.

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