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Mystery of a missing spade

Today was a beautiful day. Sunny, warm, happy. We spend less then an hour indoors between morning and bedtime.

I was going to tell you about our trip to the beach, volcano we build (tallest yet; with moat and reinforced beams), new waterproof camera I proved wrong, conversations I had with Little J, the horse that got loose and galloped around the beach and across the golf course, afternoon we spend with friends at the playground, apple cake that’s smelling so good in the oven and the best kiss of the year. I was going to make you feel great and inspire you to go out and have as much fun as we did.

But I cannot. Because we lost a shovel. And although all of the above things happened and made us happy, what marked my day is the disappearance of a red spade. We brought two, along with other tools, bulldozer and crane. But we returned , defeated, with one less.

Little J was helping me gather everything up after hours spend at our local beach. I noticed the big spade missing. We looked, kicked the sand, wondered around. Nothing. We looked more, kicked around more, expended the perimeter. Nothing. Finally, we decided to tear down our master piece in case it got buried underneath. Nothing.

We searched for over forty minutes. We dug so deep I feared we were going to excavate remains of something prehistoric. All along Little J kept reminding me Diego says you should never litter the beach, because little turtles die. I felt awful, but I finally had to call off the search party. Little K was waiting for Little J at the park.

Because afternoon was spend in great company, husband made steak for dinner and my apple cake will be done in a few minutes I forgot about the missing spade.

As I sat down to write this post I downloaded the pictures taken at the beach. And in all photos THE SPADE IS THERE!!!


We are going back tomorrow. This is not over yet. Specially since it will take over a million years for PVC plastic like that to disintegrate. My cake is ready. If you excuse me, I am going to drown my sorrow in it…





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