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Capitalism Vs Socialism

Our union is a marriage of the old and the new world. I am not talking about the age, although I have to say references to Footloose made by my husband have flown over my head. You all know by now I fell in love and got naturalized as a result. I am product of Europe learning to survive in America.

Scrabble night in my house is the one time you will notice this more then ever. We sit there in silence, both looking at the letters we picked. My husband, brought up in capitalism, is looking at the board planning to place the word where it will fetch him the most points. Any word, as long as it brings him victory. I, brought up in socialism, am making my parents proud by applying years of free education paid by their taxes. The words I come up with have Latin roots, are complex and sophisticated. They are long, but fetch minimal points. So when we tally up, the capitalist wins with his carefully planted must and lies. The socialist is adored by her opponent, envied for the adroit and sapient, and a constant loser.

To test my theory I decided to play like my man. I was not thinking of the words but rather location. Made sure I placed everything I came up with on something double or triple. There were wonderful words to be made, but I ignored them and placed an ox on premium word square. Sure enough, I won.

The thrill of victory wore of quickly and all I could think about were the words I neglected for the one syllable excuses I played. That’s how I realized I will always be a bit different. And that’s OK, because America is the land of diversity.

From now on, I am fine with coming in second playing Scrabble. I believe it is good for my marriage too. Men like to win, no matter which continent they grew up on.

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