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Never ever

Today I raised my hands up in defeat and returned the movie Netflix send me last month; unwatched.

I had every intention to see it. Since I use Facebook I felt I should know of it’s humble beginning. Plus it was nominated for Oscars. Clearly a must, right? Well if I have not sat down yet to watch it, I fear I never will. So I walked to the mailbox in dark and dropped it in. Then made a mental note to update my queue and change all future DVD’s they shell send me to Diego and Sesame street.

Here are a few other things I have come to terms with recently and feel confident (read: old enough) to admit to:

1) I will never be the cool mom that sits in Mc Donald’s and watches her child eat a Happy meal while sipping a tall Americano. I always treat myself to an unhappy meal, leading by example.

2) I will never be the woman that bakes cookies for others only. I am my biggest fan. In fact I am eating a chocolate chip oatmeal cookie as I type this.

3) I will never have a spotless house. I used to. But you have seen my dog. I rest my case.

4) I will never learn that having all white furniture is not helping with my issue number 3. Besides I like going to Ikea to buy new covers that will get dirty in a week. Torture can be pleasure in Ikea.

5) I will never be completely selfless and let my child enjoy something I hate. If I never tell him there is a circus, he might not ask to go. Until he is old enough to be taken by his friends parents. I will in return take them to see the opera. It’s the least I can do.

6) I will never again look fabulous in the morning. Or wear heels before dark. I paid my dues back when I was an earner. My son loves me even before I brush my teeth and my husband leaves for work early enough to be spared.

7) I will never be cool about a public tantrum. My son still embarrasses me when he acts up. No amount of supportive advice or tips from parenting books on the subject will help me. I feel awful and still think him disobeying me reflects badly on me as a parent.

8 ) I will never suggest to go for a drive, ever. I use a car as a necessity and if it’s less then a few miles I am not starting the engine. Live with it my child!

9) I will always give my horse a treat, even when he disobeys me. Cause I am weak and cannot resist big brown eyes. Same goes for my son. My dog always listens, so I can not speculate. Husband is an outsider with green eyes.

10) I will never go to bed before midnight. As you can tell by this post.

Maybe one day I will put that movie back in the queue. Does anybody at Netflix really care if I order it again?Because if they do, who knows what they think of me watching episode 2 of season 3 of Diego daily.




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