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The only way is up

My friend suggested we take the boys for a hike in one of our national parks today. Here is the map:Dugualla.

Feeling brave we decided to take the beach trail. Have you noticed how you never seem to think about the climb back as you are zooming down the hill. Mrs. V had to carry two year old Little C in the backpack on return. So we started trailing a little behind.

These are the some of the conversations Little J initiated in the next hour:


Little J: Mama if zero started rolling it would knock four down. That means even if it is smaller, it can be stronger.

Me: Yes, size is sometimes not important. What number is bigger then four?

Little J: Five, seventeen and forty.

Little J: Mama take my gloves off. I want to eat my boogers.

Me: OK, but shouldn’t you be busy walking and looking for the signs?

Little J: Don’t worry, I can do both.


Little J: We did not see any whales today. Again.

Me: I checked and there were reports of four of them feeding down South. Near Seattle.

Little J: Gray whales don’t live in Seattle. They are too big to be in aquarium.

Me: The path is muddy and steep, you want to hold hands?

Little J: No thank you. You always slow me down.

Me: Hurry up, I cannot se Mrs. V and Little C any more. We don’t want to loose them.

Little J: Oh no! Mrs. V has the map. I am gonna call her and tell her to wait for us!


Little J: I like my hat. I like my bauble. Look, if I jump it goes up and down. If I shake my head it goes left and right. Cool!


Never a dull moment. What made you laugh this weekend?


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