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I pale in comparison

Little J is very particular and complicated. Some might call him posh. For a while I fancied my self to be the same. If I ever indeed was, I must have passed it on to my son during childbirth.

These are some of the reasons that lead me to believe my son is much posher then me:

He has a queen size bed all to himself. In fact he sleeps in guest bedroom, has his own room and crashes mine whenever.

He has more entries in his social calender. OK, I have none. But he has some.

Most people that I interact on daily bases know his name but are clueless of mine. Some even know about his hobbies and dislikes, nobody cares to ask about mine.

He wears cardigans by choice. OK so do I, now. But at his age I cried when my Grandma made me wear them.

He owns a horse and refuses me to ride him. In his head off course,but I still avoid talking about riding Vizon so as not to hurt his feelings.

He is very picky about chocolate. Only dark or truffles will do. I wish I could be, but I have been known to eat Nutella out of a jar in times of desperation.

He reads at least five books a day. Flicking to see pictures counts you know. Otherwise stop saying you read magazines!

He can work sperm whale into conversation and be considered knowledgeable. And yes he has initiated this topic with several strangers.

He always has a witty comeback. Instantly. Not like me posting a tweet and then thinking up five better ones.

He owns several monogrammed items of clothing and furniture. I wrote my initials into my wellies, so as not to loose them at the barn.

He has his daily tea with milk and one sugar. I make his tea.

He only uses tooth paste once it meets his taste and cartoon character approval. I end up using the Spongebob one.

The list is endless so lets make this a series and call today’s PART ONE.

To be continued…

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