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I remember you!

Dogs have to be walked. So Little J and I wander around the neighbourhood any given morning exercising the beast. Today was no different.

We walked by a house who’s owner was working on the roof and his dog was loose in the yard. About half a mile away from ours. We pass by that house almost every day but we have never met it’s inhabitants. Big M has marked their mailbox every time though. That coupled with his good looks is what intrigued the doggess (it’s a word, I googled it to find an alternative to b*#ch) to disobey her owner on the roof and come to say hi.

This is the conversation that followed:

The man on the roof: Come back, that dog can eat you for a snack!

All owners seem to say that to get their pets to return. Then he asked me if we live up the hill on the corner.

Me: We do indeed.

The man on the roof: I remember your dog jumping the fence first day of school to come and greet the children. And I remember you coming to get him. Nice pajamas!

Great, this is what I am known for. Having a huge and unrully dog and wearing PJ’s after 8 AM.

Just in case you are reading this in Timbuktu the school year started here in September. I guess I left a lasting impression. I just wish he did not shout it from the roof top!

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