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United we stand

Last night we reached a mile stone. We were at the table and Little J was putting on a particularly unbearable rendition of The Dinner Party. We lost our patience and did what our parents would have ages ago. Send him to bed without dinner. OK, we gave him an option to eat it first but he chose to go hungry. For all of you wondering, we only summoned up the courage because it was pizza night. We figured no kid walks out on pizza. Well guess what. Mine did! With a winning smile. At one point he turn around and I thought he was going to thank the Academy and all who believed in him and stood by in the past year of his one man act.

Well we felt kind of important so we celebrated late into the night. Husband in front of television and me in front of computer eating ice cream and looking smug. I admit feeling bad deep inside. I worried about karma and Little J blaming me for everything twenty years from now in therapy, but all and all there was a sense of achievement. Before you know it we only had a few hours left till dawn.

What follows I am sure you know. Little J woke up hungry much earlier then appropriate for Sunday, the day of rest. There was no cuddling in bed or lazy getting up. He had his socks and slippers on and demanded waffles. So I had

cups of coffee before I could function. We spend a lazy day on the beach building something that never became anything and watching the world go by. So without further ado these are some snapshots to keep you busy while I catch up on my sleep. Feel free to be a bit jealous since pictures won’t clearly show my miserable state. Signing off…


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