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Too big to be beautified

There are lots of ways to tell spring is coming. Frogs get loud on the golf course behind us, weeds grow in the yard, Husband complains about mowing and Little J starts arguing about going to bed in broad daylight. Horse and dog start shedding, buckets full. It is therefore time for me to bite the bullet and pay the price of designer shoes (on sale) for someone to groom Big M.

I happen to be one of those people who think I can do everything on my own as well or better then professionals. Various home projects, gardening challenges, minor medical procedures and self spa treatments are all in my résumé. So for me to seek assistance is huge. I brush my dog often, but washing him is a whole different issue. Lucky for me it says in the dog book his breed is to be washed seldom.

My neighbour across the road Mrs. A is my source on everything about anything. She also happens to have the same breed dog. She recommended this pet salon in the nearby town. I called them to book Big M in and the sweet voice on the other side told me he is too big. I explained to her I got her number from somebody with same size dog they happen to groom. She insisted he is not welcome in her posh establishment. I was devastated, my dog is being discriminated against!

I thought about my options. No way I can wash him outside, the water is too cold (for me). No way I can lift him in the bath tub, or fit him in the shower. Then I remembered the wash stall at the farm. So today after I rode I lathered up Big M. Because on the horse farm apart from a couple of miniature ponies Big M is smallest. As he did his wet walk of shame my horse felt for him and let him graze in the pasture for an hour while the sun dried him up. Nobody discriminates against my dog at the farm, even when he smells like Mane’n Tail.

Mrs. A told me later today over a glass of wine they called to cancel her dogs appointment too. So we might have to found a support group for huge,shaggy, smelly rejects. In the mean time I have a new pair of designer shoes to treat myself to.

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