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Mirror thy master

Opinions expressed in today’s post are my own, based on one child and one dog. They have no scientific back up but something tells me I am embarking on an extensive research.

Not that long ago I was home alone. After a particularly great day that went without a glitch I decided to celebrate with watching some Mad about you. There was a scene with Helen Hunt snuggling up on the sofa with Murray. I glanced at Big M snoring on the floor and had a moment of weakness. I suggested he jumps up and watches TV with me. He refused. We went back and forth a few times and annoyed he walked off to the patio door begging to go out. That’s my dog, always doing the right thing.

Big M truly is a dog. He looks like one, smells like one and acts like one. He sleeps outside by choice, prefers bones to treats and slobbers by default. He will never sit in your lap or do tricks. In fact he is so predictably good we let him do whatever he wants.

Little J is his boss. Big M listens to him, looks up to him and protects him above all. My kid is very cheeky. Like last night at dinner we are telling him off for his lack of manners and all over cooperation. Daddy tells him to sit and eat his meal. Little J looks at him seriously and says: ” I don’t think this is a meal Daddy, it’s called dinner.” We all burst out laughing and that’s that. The dog is on the floor by the table sleeping and waiting for his dinner like always. Then he stands up and starts circling the table looking for something, wanting to take part. Little J is also notorious with interrupting any adult conversation I conduct.  He is either very annoying or comes up with elaborate emergency situations that need my immediate attention. After we put Little J to sleep last night and sat down to talk, the dog leaned against my chair. I started scratching him and every time I stopped he barked and push my chair a little further.

Initially I thought this would be a perfect example of how dogs are not clever like us. Because surely Big M would notice by now Little J’s behavior doesn’t get you far. But I am starting to think the dog has done his research and knows better. Let’s hope I learned from my parenting mistakes too. You all realize Big M weights more then I do?


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