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Opposites attract

While I was pregnant I sometimes joked my son will probably be a chess playing genius that will outgrow me by his fifth birthday. Not that I have some mad aspirations for my offspring; mainly to be happy, healthy and kind. I just wanted to be able to bond with him. Somehow I figured if we were similar we would have a great, lasting relationship.

Nothing makes me as happy as being outdoors. Rain or shine I will be outside walking, hiking, riding dawn to dusk. I don’t care for television or shopping or any kind of mass entertainment. I am good at languages and social studies but barely made it through high school math. So being with my indoor, TV watching,math loving son all day everyday might seem like a perpetual bad date. Even his favorite number and letter are my least favorite ones. Lucky for me he never left my side after birth or I might think he was swapped.

I used to get so sad when we went for outings and he complained with every single step. Surrounded with incredible nature all he could think about is how his rubber boots are getting dirty. I persevered but I also learned to meet him half way. We would go to the beach and he would bring all his fire trucks to play with. On a hike we talk about what numbers add to what. As for television, well who am I to interfere with his education? Slowly but surely he found things to do while doing things I like.

Nowadays he shocks me when he asks to go ride or wants to stay in the forest even after our dog starts dragging his feet. I feel I have so much more of an impact on him then I would if he shared my interests. Little J in return teaches me patience and basic adding.

As I type this the sun is out at the end of a gloomy day. I wanted to go see St. Patrick’s parade but Little J asked if he can watch his favorite show. I know what you are thinking. Sure, I used to drag him anyway, I am after all his mother and outrank him. But somehow in the past year I have come to terms with it. Not always but occasionally, even if it makes me cringe, I let him do what he likes.

That’s the thing about mother’s love, it’s unconditional.

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