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Glass half full of apricots

Winston Churchill said Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference.

As I write this I am eating a cheesecake that I found in the fridge. It is sugar free and has no base. Tastes nice but can we even call it a cake or is it just flavored cream cheese? But all this began last week.

My dearest received a big parcel and said it’s for me. To my surprise it was a gift basket filled with gourmet dried fruits. I don’t remember ever mentioning my love for dried fruit. Sure we always have some lying around, mostly for Little J’s car snacking or adding to couscous but to treat it as dessert, never! I am willing to try new things so I smiled and kissed him gratefully. He said he knew I would like it cause the girl in his office does. Strike two. And hun they are healthy. Three, you are out!

I am to denounce chocolate, eat more healthy presumably indicating I am fat and who is this chick in your office anyway?! But I refuse to be negative so I got Little J hooked on cinnamon fuji apples and have been trading him his chocolate pocky sticks since.

So this cheesecake leads me me to believe it was not an isolated incident and for some reason my Husband is replacing my daily dessert intake with healthier options. He thinks he is clever wrapping them up as presents or calling them cake but I am one step ahead. And as much as I dislike food shopping I will go tomorrow and raid the chocolate aisle. But fear not, my official reason for this field trip is the fact that we ran out of milk. That’s called attitudious. One step ahead of you darling, one step ahead…

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