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No blue hair for you

How far into the parenthood did you think you would start sounding like your parents?

Because I was raised by grandparents I figured my child would be spared. After all we are talking of a three generation gap. What kind of nonsense I heard growing up could possible apply to my modern age son? You would be surprised. I catch myself here and there and it’s awful. As I say it I shiver, mostly because it makes me feel archaic. Off course admitting that the rules I spend fighting against most of my younger years ended up being reasonable adds insult to injury.

The other day Husband was planning on getting a haircut. Little J has been free-styling since birth. He was on the bold side for most of his first year. Once he got hair he also discovered he can have an opinion about it. I only go as far as trimming it so he can see clearly. So whenever he gets asked if he wants to go and have a hair cut with daddy the answers is NO. But this time he thought about it and said he will come along to have it colored blue. Cause blue is his favorite color. Imagine the look on daddy’s face.

Off course I knew what this was all about. Mother always knows. There is a super cool kid in Little J’s preschool. He has a rock star name, rock star boots and a big patch of blue hair. In fact I think at the moment it might be orange. I know what you are thinking but believe me I don’t care. I was spared the opinionated gene. When it comes to other people it truly is none of my business. However I do have a very firm opinion about Little J following suit. You guessed it. My Grandpa would be proud.

My kid is only three. I was not prepared. After we said no he asked why. Because you cannot have blue hair. But it’s my favorite color, I don’t like yellow. Blond is what you are and what you will remain. We were going back and forth and I was running out of debate material. So I channeled my wise old folks: until you grow up and earn your own money you will have the hair you were born with and that’s that. A bit much? Maybe. But I haven’t been asked to color his hair since…


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