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Welcome to my UN Assembly

It is in session everyday, all day. I have no one but myself to blame. I could have gone for a pure matriarchy but I thought I was too young and sweet to pull it off so I embraced democracy. Clearly I only did partial research.

Because when you choose democracy you have to embrace opinions of all parties involved. Everyone gets a vote and we all should contribute equally. Lucky for me the other adult in my household is away most of the day so he only weights in on very important issues. The canine is a follower by nature and people pleaser so anything goes as long as there is dinner served. But Little J, he threw me off.

It all started of when he was emerging from his toddler-hood. I would ask instead of tell him what to do and give him options. He choose well and impressed me endlessly with how coordinated his outfits were and his great choice in breakfast food. But soon he realized the power of equality. And before I knew it we no longer had one sentence conversations. Not even about the basic things like going to bed. Every time I direct him to do something I get a five minute response. It usually consists of his view on the subject, his plan of action or the lack of, what my role in the process should be and timeline for it.

Let me give you an example:

We need to take Big M for a walk. Little J: ” I am a bit busy right now, need to put out the fire and go back to fire station. We took Max out yesterday and he is sleeping in back garden. It’s not late yet. I don’t want to go out. You go. He is not my dog anymore. OK, we go but I need to watch TV before school.”

The truth is that he can argue a pretty good case, he is witty and very resourceful and rather entertaining. But the bottom line is it takes us forever to accomplish anything and quite frankly it exhausts me. All I want to say is: “Because I said so”! But somehow I think I might be voted off so I better be nice to my coalition.


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