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Where a kid can be a kid

Jerry Seinfeld once said There’s no such thing as fun for the whole family. 

Growing up having fun meant seeing a ballet or sitting beside grandpa while fish notice his bait. The wildest thing we ever did was visit the circus and that resulted in a life long fear of clowns (clourphobia-google if you don’t believe me). We all teach our kids the familiar so needless to say it never dawns on me to take Little J anywhere like the mall or indoor playground. But this was a long weekend for my dearest. Men get restless left at home for too long so by Sunday lunch time he decided we have to leave immediately and dine out. Because he likes to drive we ventured off the island and into modern civilisation. Who knew all mom and pop restaurants downtown would be shut? So I remembered seeing ChuckE.Cheese’s of the highway once and asked if that is a kids restaurant. Ever since we ate in Ikea while Little J played in the corner with his new found friends I have longed to go somewhere similar. Sometimes I wonder if my husband thinks of me as a social experiment and purposely chooses not to share data with me. Like giving Little J a lemon wedge and watching his reaction.

First sign that this will be a mad house was the fact we got stamped at the entrance. But I was the last one in so no turning back. I have never been to Vegas or a casino but I imagined it looking like this. Kids were wondering around with plastic cups holding tokens and moving from one machine to the next. Husband said we have to secure a table and can’t leave it till there is food on or we will loose it. I volunteered to stay put and make sure we have a booth for the duration of our what ended up being very long lunch. I hid in the corner, ate some pizza and waited patiently till we left.

My boy had a blast and it did not look like too much of a hardship on his daddy either. I saw them zoom by a few times but the noise and the fact all customers were Little J size made it hard to see what they were doing. When it was time to live we queued up to turn his winnings into a toy. The fact that my son waited in the queue longer then I would be willing to for a 80% sale at Jimmy Choo’s and chose from a limited selection with no complaints impressed me endlessly. So I deemed this visit very educational.

As we were leaving I said to Husband it’s a shame this place was closing. He was surprised “It is?” I stared dead into his eyes: “For us my dear it is!”


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