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Saved from the light

Happy Daylight saving!

I have been looking forward to this day more then Christmas and Birthday combined. It could not have come fast enough. While generally people feel cheated with a loss of an hour I dare say most parents think it’s splendid.

Back in my single days time was not very important. It only mattered if I was late for work since planes rarely wait. Sometimes having a slow day I would glance at the watch. Otherwise it was expected of me to be late and I never disappointed my date but showing up on time or god forbid early.

Fast forward to motherhood and I obsess about time. I have a timer set in my head that must have downloaded during childbirth and it is more precise then any Swiss mechanism. It tracks feeding, potty trips and sleeping pattern of Little J with a less then 0.1 percent error. And I have a simplified version for Big M. But he can jump the fence, take himself for a walk and find something dead to eat in case of a system failure. Guess you could say he is all grown up. Little J however is on a schedule and we are not to deviate. Mostly because I did some hands on research and paid the price. Overtired and under exercised my son is not great company.

The other day at the playground I was asked by a dad what time it was and I knew without looking at my rather posh watch. I could tell he was shocked since I was only two minutes off. Man are so easily impressed. And they need a fancy watch. Must not apply to male homo sapience during childhood. Because my son shares my talent. He wakes up every morning on the dot at sunrise. Hence the reason I am overwhelmed with joy. He crawled into my bed this morning happy and smiling as always. I looked at the time on my phone; 7:30! That made me happy and smiling too.

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