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My dog is a celebrity, get me out of here

Since Julian was 4 days old he has attended a daily dog walk or two. This has resulted in a bizarre “sibling” rivalry that transcends the strong feelings humans harbor towards their pets.

We all think our kid is cute. Little J is cute. He was in fact born cute. We were warned that babies are not particularly good looking but he really was easy on the eye. On top of that he is very chatty and has an accent. Winning combination you would think. Then how come he has never ever been paid a compliment by a random stranger? Because I decided we should get a dog once we were expecting. Not just any dog; a huge friendly beast that stops traffic. So Little J stands in Big M’s shadow. Literary.

We walk by a group of kids and they come running asking to pet the dog. So I teach my son to stand proud and make conversation about his dog. But it doesn’t work. People ask me how old he is and I make sure I respond with my child’s age first adding the dog is seven months older. But it doesn’t work. I have even let Little J hold the leash. And that definitely doesn’t work.

The other day I was putting away laundry and passing by the window upstairs I notice a group of teenagers hugging my dog who is willingly posing for an impromptu photo shoot. As they walk away and pet him he returns back to the front porch for his nap. That’s the trouble with Big M. He truly is a cool canine.

Lucky for me it all works out. Little J does indeed love the dog and I have on occasion caught him hugging the dog when I am not looking. Needless to say Big M worships the ground my son walks. And I get to clean after both of them…


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