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Your system is running low on memory

I had my hair done on Saturday.  Stylist asked me which way I part it but I was enjoying my thoughts too much to think of an answer so I gave her artistic freedom. Once I was back in charge of  it I could not for the life of me remember if I part it on the left or right. Neither of the choices strike me as wrong or right so with 50/50 I am in a pickle. I asked my husband and he suggested I look at a photo of myself. Well done dear and by the way I thought of it first. Trouble is I seem to be the one always taking pictures…

See this is becoming a pattern. Like today I remembered not to drive downtown since it’s under construction. I was well pleased I avoided being late for school,but driving back five minutes later I find myself  among diggers. More often then I care to admit I walk upstairs and forget the reason for it. I could go on but I forgot which instances I was going to share.

Now young master J has excellent memory. Once I was telling him off for standing on the chair and to prove my point I asked him if he has ever seen me stand on one. He gave it some thought and remembered that last summer I fixed the window blind he pulled off by climbing on that very same dinning chair. But being male he suffers from a severe case of selective memory. Conveniently he never recalls the sequence of getting ready in the morning or to be quiet in the library.He forgets things and it drives me mad. Then I forget all about it.

My system has low memory and little J’s has a virus. But the program is running smoothly!

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