Monday Listicles

Have you heard the news?

Alison, our friend and blogger extraordinaire gave birth to her twins yesterday! Boy and a girl, tiny little miracles welcomed by their two older brothers and loving parents. So happy for them, congratulations!!

In other news I have no news at all. We had a great weekend, spending Saturday on snow covered mountain and Sunday on a sandy beach. What can I say, that’s Washington for you, perfect in every way.

Tomorrow is my husband’s birthday and I thought about writing this listicle for him or about him or maybe as a gift since I couldn’t come up with anything awesome to wrap up and surprise him with but I’ll stick to making fun of myself instead. When one is my husband’s age one probably doesn’t want the whole world to know just how old you are. Not that I would bring that up anyway!

Obviously hashtags like #WorldsGreatestWife and #1Mom come to mind but there is so much more to me then that so here goes…

Next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. #iHateHashtags

2. #WorldsMostBoringFacebookFriend

3. #MarriedToA44YearOld

4. #NotLostButNotQuiteThereYet

5. #FailedChocolateAddictAnonymous12StepProgramImmediately

6. #BecauseIsaidSo

7. #IdontMeanToAlwaysBeRightItJustKindaHappens

8. #LetMeGoogleIt

9. #TallSoyLatteInApersonalCup

10. #IheartMondayListicles

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Monday Listicles

Monday Listicles are back!

I admit I really missed reading your lists and writing mine and just saying the word listicle. Did you?

This week I am playing a little catch up and finally posting the list for 10 things every woman should know. And just as I was typing this the guy on the radio was making fun of hashtags JT style so next week:


Feel free to send me some ideas for upcoming lists!

Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. How to accept compliments gracefully.

2. What’s under the hood of the car she drives.

3. That it’s OK to say NO.

4. Frank.

6. Basic First aid.

7. That it’s OK to ask for help.

8. When it’s best to say nothing at all.

9. Location of the nearest emergency exit.

10. That it’s always a good idea to trust our instincts.

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Back from India

We returned from our travels and slowly got back into our daily routines. My not so little J starts 1st grade tomorrow morning and I am still playing catch up both with work and on the home run.

This Sunday evening I double triple promise to return our Monday Listicles. Topic will be 10 THINGS EVERY WOMAN SHOULD KNOW. If you wrote one back in July, link it anyway. It’s never too late to read a good list!

For now I leave you with my column in this, already 15th issue of LUDIQUE MAGAZINE. I wrote about our travels in India and one of the best days of my life.

CLICK HERE to read it.

india-1-8 copy

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