A little bonus

We had a fantastic 4th of July.

Our neighbors came over and the total of 11 kids were having a blast all afternoon. Some of them were playing UNO and and sooner then later there were cheating accusations and calls for referees. Us moms agreed that Vegas is not for everyone and you got to be made of special cloth to play cards. But we might be wrong.

It’s summertime and vacations are not free so we are all trying to make a little extra money. When I heard of no deposit bonus blog I figured that could be my lucky break. They say that casinos are a place you loose money but online casinos can be free to play at. You can play at many online casinos for free with no deposit bonus and cash out your winnings. These days we do everything online: shopping, socializing, candy crushing, gossiping. So why not play a bit, specially if you get a casino bonus and see what happens. And unlike bickering kids playing cards you are guaranteed peace and quiet to do it the way you want.

I love playing UNO with my son although cards are not my thing. And I really love when he plays it with his friends. Seeing his happiness when he wins is priceless. I doubt he is a future gambler in the making but one thing is for sure: everyone loves the chance to win.

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Monday Listicles

Just one more sleep!

Like a little kid I am counting down the hours until our first adventure this summer. We set out to Hoh rainforest Tuesday morning and I cannot wait! I loved reading your plans for the summer last week and it really put me in the mood for a vacation. Thank you for sharing.

Let me wrap this up quick because I have to stuff a whole lot of food into a what is starting to look like a very small bear canister. Wish me luck!

Next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Home made chai. My new thing is to add saffron.

2. Chocolate.

3. Seasoned pecans from 3 sisters market.

4. Kim Churchill’s new album, especially this song:

5. Documentaries. Just finished watching The story of India with my son.

6. Pacific NorthWest.

7. Sleep.

8. Brussel sprouts. I am not kidding.

9. Kindness.

10. Love.

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Monday Listicles

Happy Father’s day!

Hope you had a lovely time celebrating your dad, spouse, father figure or Homer Simpson. And I truly hope all men were allowed not to mow their lawns on this special occasion. It’s the little things they say‚Ķ

My husband had to leave for a week late last night which although sad kinda worked out because this morning I realized there were no ingredients to make anything edible, let alone breakfast in bed to celebrate him and his fantastic fatherhood adventure. Next year I will be prepared, promise. Maybe make plans to go out to brunch or something.

Speaking of plans, we are still a little unsure where to go this summer. Only because the world is such a fantastic place and we want to see everything and apparently that’s unreasonable to squeeze into one summer break. But although not sure of the destination I am very sure what I would like or us all to experience. And I really look forward to returning in a few months to tell you how many we tick on this list. What are you up this summer?

Next week:


Make a list, check it twice, link it up. Read others. Have fun!



1. Spend loads of time together with family.

2. Spend this time with family outdoors.

3. Hike the trails less traveled.

4. Surround Little J with people that are happy.

5. Take less photos for work and more for us.

6. Run a marathon ( just kidding ).

7. Do less, enjoy boredom more.

8. Learn something new.

9. Relax more.

10.Go on a date with my husband.

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